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Sun Carpet Cleaning - Your Local Carpet Cleaning Partner

Perfect Carpet Cleaning is not that easy to find, especially with so many competitors all around. However, there is one name, which stands out in the crowd and that has to be ours, at Sun Carpet Cleaning. Being a professional carpet cleaning firm in Canterbury, we have been into this field for more than a decade now. We first started our business in 2005 and never looked back since then!

Our team comprises of all the major talents from around the area, working hard, just to make your carpet look as good as new. We are here to cover your comprehensive carpet and even upholstery cleaning services. Moreover, we use only the best Carpet Cleaner Christchurch in town, which will free the surface area from dust and dirt, without harming the environment because of its chemical compounds. We further specialize in moving in or out cleaning.


Premium service provider at your service

Whether it is a dog pee mark on the carpet or simple dust, we know how it feels to use a dirty carpet! Non-cleaned carpet or rug is a complete health hazard for people suffering from asthma or related health conditions. Therefore, we are here to take the responsibility on our shoulder and use the perfect Carpet Cleaner Canterbury for your use. Through these items, you get the chance to enjoy a cleaner and safe carpet for daily use.


We have already earned acclaimed

Thanks to our team of hard working individuals, we have already earned high acclaim as a renowned Quality Carpet Cleaning company. What makes our name completely different from the rest is the swiftness of our services. We value time and ensure that our clients don’t have to wait much for our services.

So, without wasting any time further, just give us a call and let us serve you right!

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