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Now, avoid thinking about Carpet Cleaning anymore as we, at Sun Carpet Cleaning is all set to address your help. Our firm is situated in Christchurch, New Zealand and was formed in 2005. Our main aim was to provide premium quality upholstery services with carpet cleaning, covering the wider region of Canterbury.

Our firm is a family oriented name and not a franchise. So, we have years of experience in this industry, making us a well-known and talented Carpet Cleaner of modern times. We take absolute pride and care in our area of workmanship.


All sorts of services covered

We are well-known as specialists or Quality Carpet Cleaner in the field of cleaning rugs, carpets and soft furnishing. For covering our tasks, we use only the most advanced form of carpet cleaning system; deep steam cleaning.


Deep steam cleaning

This is notable Sun Carpet Cleaning method, where steam is generated using biodegradable chemicals. That means the items are safer to be used on the carpet region, and it becomes quite impressive and effective at the same time. Once we have completed the job of cleaning your carpet, it will be left alone for drying up, as we extract around 80% of moisture off carpet.  There are some times, when this method might take around 2 to 3 hours for drying up completely. It solely depends on the weather and air flow.


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For any of your Quality Carpet Cleaning methodology, don’t forget to give us a call. We are always ready to serve you right. Through us, you can enjoy an efficient and fast service in a warm and friendly manner. We are a business based firm with professional services, associated with quality carpet cleaning practices. So, once you get into a work with us, there is no looking back for next response.

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